DogRock Winery   ★★★★★

DogRock Winery
114 Degraves Road
Crowlands  Victoria  3377
Tel.: 0409 280 317
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Overview of DogRock Winery

Established: 1999
Winemaker: Allen Hart
Annual Cases: 800
Region: Pyrenees
DogRock winery is located in the hills behind the tiny settlement of Crowlands, on the western flank of the Pyrenees ranges in Victoria, Australia.

The winery was established in 1998 when 58 hectares of land was purchased. Although most of the land consists of rugged timbered hillsides, the cleared area was considered ideal for vineyards and ultra premium wine production.

Elevation is from 300 to 400 metres above sea level and this provides cool nights, relative frost free springs and sunny dry autumns: perfect for the creation of elegant Shiraz, Tempranillo and Riesling. The climate is very similar to the Rioja region of Spain and the Southern Rhone Valley of France which produce some of the finest wines in the world.

In 2000, the owners planted their first grapes and built their own house high on one of the ridges. The house was designed to run on solar and wind power and the water supply is serviced from catching natural rainfall off the roof. The house is also counter sunk into the hillsides to allow the earth to nestle against the walls for cave like cooling in the summer. Water is gravity fed into the building and solar water heating services the house in summer. In general, the only link the owners have to the outside world is a telephone line. They then proceeded to build their winery to a similar theme and the finishing touches have now been completed.

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